Shared hosting: Review, Benefits And Disadvantages

shared hosting

Shared hosting is a form of web hosting whereby multiple using are allowed to use a single server. In this regard, the service provider serves different pages from several websites, each having a unique internet domain name whereas each customer can use a limited amount of server resources based on their hosting package.

Benefits Of Shared Hosting

Shared hosting plans are pocket-friendly, they are much cheaper compared to VPS and dedicated hosting hence websites for small businesses, and personal blogging can afford it. Additionally, both maintenance and administration of the server are done by the hosting provider. On the other hand, one does not require specialized knowledge in server administration because the hosting provider handles the administration chores.

Image Illustrating Shared hostingFor a customer who is not well versed with distinct faces of web hosting, shared hosting tends to be the most common form they will find. Even though a significant number of websites share server resources, shared hosting plans entail round the clock maintenance, technical support and supervision thus ensuring reliability almost similar to dedicated hosting.

About 4UKhost: Web Hosting company

System crashes tend to be one of the most significant setbacks of shared hosting. This typically happens when there is a load of many websites on the server. Moreover, sharing server components with other users lead to low performance. To avoid such incidences, 4UKhost provides high-quality servers to ensure minimal system crashes hence enhancing the overall performance of the entire system.

Is Shared Hosting The Way To Go?

For a maintenance free and off the shelf option at an affordable cost compared to other alternatives, shared hosting is evidently the best option. Although the high probability of a security breach and limited opportunities for customization seems to be a challenge, shared hosting remains the better option for any business owners who prefer a maintenance-free or a hassle-free approach.