What Types Of Web Hosting Are There? Pick The Best

The Best Web Hosting On The Market

What types of web hosting are there? Plenty, but when it comes to web hosting there are four main types of options available on the market right now. Generally, the major web hosting services available are, web builders hosting, shared web hosting, collocated web hosting and dedicated web hosting. Each hosting platform has its own advantages and disadvantages while they each satisfy a businesses’ individual requirements, they do not all serve the same purpose. Depending on the requirements that each business or individual has, web hosting serves an array of interests.

Web Builder Hosting And Shared Web Hosting

As a business owner, when thinking “What types of Web Hosting are there?”, two strategic platforms should come to mind, these are web builder hosting and shared hosting. Web builder hosting is often used by beginners like writers, musicians, artist, etc. Website building platforms usually offer a browser where users can build their websites without the need to have any knowledge of technical skills. Usually, website hosting is also provided once user set up their website.

Web builder is more or less the same as web hosting but in this instance, the user can also opt to share the same physical server and software applications. The advantage of this type of web hosting is the fact that users have fewer expenses thus it is affordable. On the other hand, the downside is the fact that shared web hosting makes for a very slow website loading speed.

Collocated Web Hosting And Dedicated Web Hosting

Other website hosting option to consider, when businesses ask themselves “What types of Web Hosting are there?”, are dedicated web hosting and colocated web hosting. Dedicated web hosting tends to provide its users entire web servers. So there is no sharing involved with other owners but this will obviously mean that the user is responsible for all the operational server cost. This system is best used for heavy duty users. One of the best companies that offer such services is Miss Hosting

Collocated web hosting though, is a little bit different. In this case, users tend to purchase their own servers but choose to house it in another web hosting facility. The main advantage of this option is the fact that users have full control of their servers but again it can cost quite a bit of money. Unlike shared web hosting, Collocated web hosting users rent the space that they store their servers, while dedicated web hosting users tend to rent the server itself.

What types of Web Hosting are there?

Web Hosting Made Easy

Web hosting services are easily available, businesses just need to specify their requirements. When looking for great web hosting services, there are a couple of things that are essential to choosing great web hosting, these include price and the amount of data or traffic that will be needed. There are plenty of companies that can give insight and information on the best web hosting platforms on the market at the moment. Before making any decisions though, businesses should do ample research.

This guest article is written by Mattias Kaneteg

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